Twelve Inch


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released March 6, 2015

art by D.A. Varney
music for tracks 1,2,4,5,6 recorded and mixed by Dylan Chieffalo
vocals and the rest by Caitlin Bender



all rights reserved


CALYX Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Caitlin Bender, Garett Cassidy, & Jon Ahn.

In jamming we trust.

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Track Name: Storm Cruisin
grey skies
familiar waters
new scars
a change in speech patterns

drove 15 hours just to hear my name sounds safe
spread out and complicate

the mud veins in your ears that weren't there this time last year
my stuttering from yesterday has disappeared
the mundane we hold so dear

heard this city was a party it was never for me
plaster eyes jealously follow as we roll by
dead parades from yesterday now they're just glitter in the gutter
they had their plans we have another

i think i've been making diamonds out of salt

can't separate brackish water
can't keep the bay from spillin over
Track Name: Blood Moon
awake again at 4 am, no one's bothered
static on the radio, but i'm not alone
all their eyes are fixed on earth's moving shadow
hoping change will come through dripping blood

if this is how it is, it's better than it was
you can't hold on to everyone

don't read too much into the pollen mixing with the falling snow
cut my tongue out, hoping in its place something good will grow
unfurling new leaves, while burning the rest
making room for the new means removing the dead

it's not poison - it's just not healthy
don't take this personal matter so personally

don't read too much into the feathers blocking out the sun
the shot left them scattered but gravity's gonna do what it's always done
your lungs keep pumping, you keep breathing out and in
stagnation's solution is constant motion

it's gonna do you goooooood
Track Name: Curtains
need the hair of the dog but i can't find him
if i do
i'll eat him alive start flyin high over this bullshit

it's been a plague since the first day
time outs, freak outs, learn how to regulate
but what's life without spice?
what am i? not sugar not nice

you can stay constant
you can hold steady
deny the foundation's crumbling
or you can be xyz for eternity
with all your insecurities

stay vague
stay safe

like dragging glass across open eyes
hoping when they heal you'll have better sight

will you stay if i hang the curtains?
throw the bottles away and change my sleeping patterns?
how much do i need to bend?
i'm willing to break
but what do i mean when i say...
Track Name: Bad Birds
i can't tell the geese from the gravestones
caretaker's left a sign to take care
take a walk, pay respects, be aware
there are more than good intentions out there

woman takes a break in the parking lot median
doin downward dog in the afternoon sun
wrinkles up her suit as her watch catches the light
burnin out your peepin toms

crows lining up on a sunny day
what's in a name?
what's in the sounds that turn a head?

what's hidden in the cacophany?
what can they see?
when you walk by why don't they flinch?

a gathering of unkindness
a tightening in your stomach
it don't mean nothin
does it mean something's comin?

you call them bad birds
you followed every nice note you heard
you call them bad birds
ignoring your own feathers
Track Name: Non-Pacific
grapefruit lump caught in your throat
but you can't find a spoon full of sugar
western wind is strong
but can't find its way across the Ohio River

burn this to keep the dead away
it's the living who ruin days

picked up put down turned around
but you're a man now
rough face thick fists
is this all you get?

stop saying it like you mean it

you'll never hear me say i don't regret it
Track Name: Double Dog Dare
your voice round every corner
a city covered in your skin
bits of teeth that fill the gutter
broken when you first bit in
you ripped shallow roots from familiar soil
to plant them in superstition
trading routine for routine
waking up sick from the same old thing
you're nauseous from the patterns

quarter century passed - not too bad but nothin that'll last
promises of broken light fill the sky
but i prefer a threat

this is a stare down
this is a double dog dare

the earth threw me into the air
i laughed as the bridges hit the water
lives were lost, but lives were saved by the love of the game
disaster and circumstance took my hands and kissed my face

keratin spills out of me
i am afraid to sleep
since when do i prefer my nightmares to waking?
logic spirals, truth dilutes
constant searching and you become consumed

i am holding on to the days when i was younger
as if this circle connects in a way that i may witness

why keep order when disorder calls your name like it knows ya?
when the wind holds you better than their arms?

ask me
ask me anything

ask me to stay.